Cyber Liability Insurance — ProSurance Group and Hiscox Insurance Company offer online cyber insurance

July 28, 2017

Small and medium sized firms need cyber liability insurance just as much as Fortune 500 firms. However it can be very difficult to determine what coverages to buy and how to complete an application filled with technical jargon. ProSurance Group and Hiscox Insurance Company have joined together to fix this problem. They have developed a web site that offers pre-packaged coverages at affordable prices. And it’s easy to apply and be accepted. The application consists of only 12 Yes/No English language questions. If you answer those correctly, you can pay through credit cards or ACH checks and print your policy.

Learn more about cyber coverage, get a quote and purchase what every firm needs here. This program is available to firms with $100,000,000 or less revenue.

Competitive Financial Crime Coverage – Learn How to Earn 25% Commission

August 7, 2011

ProSurance Group Inc. offers a competitive Financial Institution Crime Coverage program that is available nationwide on an open brokerage basis, and is accessible to any size business.

Earn a 25% Commission for the first account that binds with a premium of $10,000. See the flyer below for coverage details and our contact information.

ProSurance Group, Inc. has partnered with Markel Programs to offer a monoline Fidelity program

March 17, 2011

Sour real estate deals land B-Ds in hot water

December 15, 2010

An Article at InvestmentNews.com states:

“Nearly 100 small to midsize independent broker-dealers find themselves in trouble over sales of tenant-in-common exchanges, a form of real estate ownership in which two or more parties hold fractional interests in a property.” (more…)

Happy Holidays From ProSuranceGroup

December 3, 2010

Happy Holidays From ProSuranceGroup Inc.

2010 has been a great year for ProSuranceGroup despite the challenges of this economy. We brought on two new employees. Dorothy Kent returned to us, after a four year absence, as a Sr. Vice President of our new Fidelity Crime Division. Cynthia Bjornson joined us as our newest Customer Service Representative. With their help we added a new Division and increased the speed at which we are able to handle your applications and requests. Dorothy’s division is paperless, a real step into the 21st century! Someday…..

We have also revamped our website to make it more user friendly. Our applications for the Professional Liability Division and the Crime Division are now available for download. In addition, we have added online applications that allow you to submit your request directly to us without paper. (see my wish for the future above) All of these changes mean “better service” for you.

The Financial Services industry is still working its way out of the serious problems it faced over the last two years. But the market has been strong and growth, while slow, is steadily trending upward. So 2011 looks bright.

Next year we plan to continue to explore expanding our product lines as we listen to what our clients tell us they need. The addition of the Crime Program has been a huge step in that direction and the coming year or two may see more additions.

Our great appreciation for all of the business you have shared with us this year. All of us at ProSurance Group wish you, your staff, and families a Joyous Holiday Season and a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

P.S. One last thing that we are thankful for during this holiday season… the San Francisco Giants won the World Series for the first time…ever. What a ride for all of us diehard Giants fans. So a special thank you to the San Francisco Giants for making our holiday shopping so much simpler this year…World Series gear for everyone !

happy holidays from ProSuranceGroup Inc.

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Why Do You Need Professional Liability Insurance?
Professional Liability Insurance is your most critical coverage. It protects you against loss from negligent acts of omission or commission while serving your clients. The coverage can make the difference between the survival or failure of your business when faced with today's legal threats.