Case Study – Investment Advisor

June 13, 2010


As an Investment Adviser, you have been entrusted with the wealth of individuals and institutions. Clients count on you to provide personalized, unbiased advice and make informed investment decisions based on current economic and market conditions. Since you shoulder such a heavy responsibility, your professional liability protection must be exceptional.

ProSurance Group understands your insurance needs, and will provide the personalized service you deserve. We will discuss with your insurance agent or you directly what type of coverage you require and how to best design a policy that offers you maximum protection at a reasonable cost. We also offer the ERISA and surety bonds you may need.

“He was sued for malpractice as a result of the decrease in asset value, as measured in US dollars.”

Even the most responsible, skilled and experienced Investment Adviser can innocently become involved in a professional liability claim.


An Investment Adviser invested institutional pension assets abroad. He liquidated a position and converted from Euros to US dollars. Although he correctly and promptly filed all paperwork, the liquidation was not executed in a timely manner, and in the interim the US dollar appreciated significantly against the Euro.

He was sued for malpractice as a result of the decrease in asset value, as measured in US dollars. After months in court and expensive legal fees, he paid a $2,000,000 award and his professional reputation suffered.


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No One Expects To Be Sued
But as a financial professional, you and your firm could be. Clients rely on your knowledge and expertise to help them and you may be liable for any mistakes you might make. No matter how carefully you perform your job, your daily activities can put your career and financial existence at risk. At any moment, in any situation, an unhappy client can bring a complaint against you.