Case Study – Life Insurance Agent

June 7, 2010


As a Life Insurance Agent, your clients trust you to guide them through their survivor, retirement, and estate planning needs. If your client died today, would his family be financially prepared to live without him? They will look to you for assurance. Due to the sensitive nature surrounding your services, claims can happen. Whether they have merit or not, they can cost you substantial amounts of time and money, just to defend yourself and your agency. Since you shoulder such heavy responsibility, your professional liability insurance must be exceptionally strong.

ProSurance Group understands your insurance needs, and will provide the personalized service you deserve. We will discuss with your insurance agent or you directly what type of coverage you require and how to best design a policy that offers you maximum protection at a reasonable cost. If you also sell and service property/casualty insurance or securities, we can expand coverage to these areas.

“The insurance company intervened to make the client whole, then turned to the agent to provide the funds for the unintentional error.”

Even the most careful, skilled and experienced Life Insurance Agent can innocently become involved in a professional liability claim.


An experienced Life Insurance Agent neglected to update a client’s life insurance policy to reflect the impact of an obscure update in income tax laws.

This oversight caused a beneficiary to pay more income taxes. The insurance company intervened to make the client whole, they turned to the agent to provide the funds for the unintentional error.


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Why Do You Need Professional Liability Insurance?
Professional Liability Insurance is your most critical coverage. It protects you against loss from negligent acts of omission or commission while serving your clients. The coverage can make the difference between the survival or failure of your business when faced with today's legal threats.