Cyber Liability Insurance

Every day news services report that the government or a corporation has been hacked and that social security numbers, bank accounts and other confidential information was stolen.  To repair the damages and compensate the injured parties costs millions.  Don’t think that this couldn’t happen to you.  Hackers all over the world are sending millions of emails every day to large and small entities seeking to penetrate your network. Once they find a weak security system or a naive employee that grants them access, they can:

In addition the government will require you to notify and compensate all of the parties whose personal information has been compromised.  This will cost substantial amounts of money, an average of $194 per record on your system.

Would you know what to do, if and when this happens to you?  Would your IT department or outside computer consultant have the expertise and time to respond immediately and effectively?  Could you afford the money to fix the problem, compensate your injured clients, and respond to the governmental requirement?  Probably not!  Even Fortune 500 firms with the best IT and security teams have learned that without cyber insurance the costs from an attack can skyrocket and recovery can be extremely difficult.

As a small firm you are not immune from today’s cyber risks and no security system will fully protect you.  ProSurance offers cyber liability insurance that will respond to a breach in your system by covering all of the following and more:

And most important, the insurance carrier has experts, experienced in finding and correcting the damages to your system, and helping you survive the damages to your business.  Applying for coverage is easy and the cost is surprisingly low.

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Why Do You Need Professional Liability Insurance?
Professional Liability Insurance is your most critical coverage. It protects you against loss from negligent acts of omission or commission while serving your clients. The coverage can make the difference between the survival or failure of your business when faced with today's legal threats.