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Below is a list of frequently asked questions that we have compiled over the years. Please review them, your answer may be below. If your question is not answered, please Contact Us immediately, we are here to help you!

What is the largest broker dealer you will consider?


Can you cover the sales of unregistered limited partnerships and REITs?


Does your policy cover the sales of fixed life products by registered representatives independent of their broker dealer?


The policy of the carrier we currently use for our broker dealer client covers claims only if made by a client of the broker dealer, Is your policy the same way?


Will you write a broker dealer with just one registered representative?


Our broker dealer client’s current policy excludes unregistered limited partnerships and REITs, and the carrier won’t endorse on the coverage, Will you consider covering these products?


My client has some unique aspects that needs to be reflected in the policy. Can you customize your policy to meet their needs?


Where do I get a specimen copy of the policy?


What is the minimum premium?


What is the premium on Life/Agents/Association/Program Policies?


How long does it take to get a quote?


How long does it take to get my policy?


I need a Certificate of Insurance. What do I do?


Can I pay by credit card?


There is a typo on my policy. Please correct it.


Where do I send new and renewal submissions?


Who is my submission assigned to?


Can I premium finance my policy?


Can Prosurance file the surplus lines taxes for me?


If an advisor is deleted from the policy mid-term, what is the return premium


Can an advisor be added mid-term to the policy and what is the cost?


Can Property & Casualty be added to the policy?


Can Tax Prep be added to the policy.


Will you quote from another carrier’s app.


Life/Series 6 program: Can my company be named on the policy/Certificate of Insurance.


Have you received my payment?


I have not received my policy. How do I check the status.


I’ve been asked if “consulting” services of various forms are covered.


Why ProSurance Group Inc.

Prosurance Group, Inc. is an organization experienced in protecting Financial Service Professionals.

We'll help you through:
  • Innovative policy terms
  • Flexible underwriting
  • Competitive financing
  • Sound financial backing
  • Responsive claims service
Why Do You Need Professional Liability Insurance?
Professional Liability Insurance is your most critical coverage. It protects you against loss from negligent acts of omission or commission while serving your clients. The coverage can make the difference between the survival or failure of your business when faced with today's legal threats.